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Twitter vs Facebook

The difference between Twitter and Facebook isn’t that Twitter is a better company, a better product, or that they treat their users better (they aren’t, it’s not, and they don’t). It’s that after reading twitter I feel (you know, ever-so-slightly) happier and more relaxed. And after using Facebook I miss old friends, and generally feel anxious and melancholy.

If that’s how it feels to “stay connected”, I’ll pass. Email, text, snapchat, and twitter are still good :)

Twitter requires you to curate who you follow, and that’s real work. I appreciate that. I’m also not the target of the bizarre pile-on attacks twitter is sometimes associated with. I’m sure that would ruin it for me. But, Facebook doesn’t have that problem (as far as I know) and it’s already baseline negative so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, friends, if you publish anything anywhere (blog, soundcloud, university website, etc.) please — PLEASE — let me know how to subscribe for updates. I am seriously interested in the work you do!

It’s easy. Just write an email to me and say “Hey your blog post says to tell you that I am publishing my work at …”

Please do it!