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Drop.io was killed by facebook... what do I do?

So you had all kinds of stuff on drop.io, eh? Well my friend, lend me your ear. A few of my buddies and I are in a band. We make music. We hassle our friends to come see us play shows on facebook, and try to get our music out there any way we can.

We're not beholden to some evil company, peddling our records, desperately trying to stop fans from downloading the music we make. But sometimes it's just not ready yet. During the process of creation we like to send each other different mixes and ideas, and we used to use a vanilla FTP server to do it.

At some point I got tired of explaining how to use FTP to all my friends and put together a file uploading service (very similar to drop.io ;)) so we could exchange files.

Anyway I guess what I'm getting at is this, it's in alpha right now. It's free to use, and the files are stored on amazon s3, so they're not at risk of getting lost.

The idea is to provide more and more collaboration features as the site grows, and eventually become something like a github for everyone else (if you're unfamiliar with github, it is a site that facilitates collaboration on software projects).

For anyone interested, you can email me (jiaaro on gmail) and I'll personally help you migrate your files to esploded (and give you 6 months of service for free once we do start charging)